Angus Cattle​​

Certified and Healthy

Our goal is to produce beef for your family that is healthy, we do not implant with growth hormones, no GMO feeds, nor do we vaccinate or feed antibiotics, and our cattle are cared for in a manner to bring the best quality meats to your family and table. We are BQA “Beef Quality Assurance” certified, which insures proper handling and care of each individual animal, specifically a low stress environment, our corrals have a slogan posted, “No Whist’lin, No Holler’in, No Hot Shots, No Hassle’in the cattle”! We are verified through IMI Global, our angus cattle qualify to be shipped to other countries and are traceable. We provide the best vaccination program and they are weaned 45 days prior to shipping to insure they are in exceptional health when they arrive at their new home.

We have been in the ranching business for decades. Now we felt it was time to make the same great beef available to our friends and neighbors as well.

The two ranches combined are approximately 250,000 acres, with several large pastures, so our cattle are not raised in small holding pens or plots of land, they are truly range free. Visit our ranch, and you’ll never want to leave!

Quality Beef…
Eat like it matters.

Rafter S Cattle Company is your connection to home grown, family raised angus beef. We raise red and black Angus and crossbred Angus cattle. Local beef for the local economy and it’s healthier! Our calves are raised with you in mind! Cedar Ranch is located approximately twenty miles north of Kingman, Arizona and runs from the Cerbat Mountains to the west then across the Hualapai Valley to the Music Mountains on the east. Diamond Bar Ranch is located north east of Cedar Ranch and goes to the Grand Canyon on the east, along with the Colorado River, and to Lake Mead on the North, and takes in the Music Mountains on the West and borders the Hualapai Indian Reservation on the South.
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Angus Cattle
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