Grass Fed
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Our Cattle are vegetarians!
Knowing exactly where your beef comes from gives your family the reassurance your food is coming from people who care about the quality of your beef.  Our goal is to continue to produce a healthy and delicious product for our consumers.
Our beef is 100% grass fed and are raised entirely on native forages, then they are brought to the ranch headquarters and free fed hay and grass, as well as a mixture of molasses over their feed. We do not use any antibiotics, steroids or growth hormone implants. We have an excellent processor, who dry ages the beef (for tenderness and to enhance the flavor) for 14 days before cutting and wrapping.
Our ranch is always open to our customers. Please visit and get to know us and our operation personally.

We are very proud of our operation. We have exceptional horses, fabulous working dogs, of course every ranch needs some chickens, turkeys, peacocks, geese, etc..
Good for the land
Our family ranch is managed holistically. This means that all decisions are carefully (link to goals) evaluated to determine if they are environmentally, socially, and economically sound.
Good For The Wildlife
We not only maintain a healthy ranch for our own animals, we believe that all wildlife, including predators, play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and a well-managed ranch provides a wonderful environment for the wildlife as well. You will see coyote, deer, bobcats, elk, javalina, mountain lion and antelope on the ranch.  
Good For The Cows
Our cows live their entire lives on the open range. They harvest their own food on the pasture, select their own diet, and enjoy clean and spacious environments. They are never put into a feedlot.
Our cows are happy cows. We treat them quietly, with respect, and gratitude. We believe we have an unwritten contract with our cows. We give them the very best life we can and in turn they provide us with a means to feed our family and others.  Each day we ask ourselves, “How can we make life better for our animals?” When you visit our ranch, you will see the features we have added to make life more comfortable for the livestock. Everything from self worming and fly control, to preconditioning the cows, a thorough vaccination program, supplemented with additional feed in drought times, and have minerals available 365 days a year and protein supplement when feed is lacking adequate protein.

Good For Us
Providing grass fed beef for our customers gives us the opportunity to work together as a family, make a good living, follow our passions, provide good food for families and thus preserve open spaces.